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Welcome to Grace Gospel Bible Church:
a non-denominational, Bible-believing church, comprised of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ from around the Twin Cities.

Like our name, our church emphasizes:

  • The Grace of God

  • The Gospel Message

  • The Bible as the ONLY source of spiritual principles

  • The Church, a local gathering of believers

Current Series

On Sunday Mornings we are studying the Old Testament book of Nehemiah. Who was he? He wasn't a prophet, priest or king, but he lead Israel in an amazing building project during perilous times. He was an example of leadership and dependence in God. Come and join us as we study the book of Nehemiah.

Are you a member of a local church? Why or why not!? Why is it important? Why does the local church need you and why do you need the local church? Come join us on Wednesday evenings as we learn about Spiritual Gifts. We will consider what they are, how are they used, what is their purpose and what is our role in God's design for the local church.
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